Carpet Cleaning

Carpet is one of the most expensive investments in your property after the cost of building, it is also one of the easiest to damage, don’t cut corners on its maintenance.

“ it pays to professionally maintain your carpet ”.

ProRestore specialise in all aspects of Carpet Cleaning in Auckland.

Carpet cleaning generally falls into two categories. Commercial Carpet Cleaning and Residential/Domestic Carpet Cleaning.

However the basics are the same…

Dry soil removal (vacuum cleaning) is an essential part of carpet maintenance.

As the grit, soil and debris component of the “soiling mass” build up in carpets is very abrasive, and over time with foot traffic these tiny particles wear away the carpet fibres and diminish the structural integrity of the individual fibres and overall aesthetic and feel of the carpet.

Other elements of the soiling mass could be, spores, organic matter, pet or human dander, house dust mite excretions, pollen and many other allergens.


These can all have a negative effect on health, especially if you are sensitized to allergens or suffer any bronchial illness such as asthma.


Well maintained Carpet is the best floor covering to reduce the chance of any adverse reactions as it holds the particles that are carried by the air or foot traffic, whereas this soiling mass sits on the surface of hard floors such as wood or tiles and is easily made airborne by passing turbulent air, be it from the wind or from a person or pet walking past. once airborne these particles then cause their various issues as we inhale them.


So regular vacuuming with a high efficiency power head vacuum is an essential part of carpet maintenance, commercially this is commonly carried out each evening by a commercial cleaning company.

Domestically it is the responsibility of the resident.

ProRestore offer a professional Vacuum Cleaning service to remove dry dust and debris from your carpet prior to cleaning. We use commercial grade power head vacuums with HEPA filters to help improve the Indoor Air Quality as we clean.

Once the dry soiling has been removed, any remaining soiling or staining will require a “soil suspension and extraction process

This is a liquid cleaning solution that is either sprayed, misted or brushed into the carpet to dislodge any remaining soiling from the carpet fibres and hold it in “liquid suspension” , where it can be easily extracted, absorbed or encapsulated and permanently removed from the carpet.

Stain Removal

After the soil suspension process any remaining stains will require a “Specific Stain Treatment” or product.

Pro Restore technicians carry an outstanding range of stain specific removal products and specialised extraction equipment. However, sometimes it is not possible to remove every stain, we will advise of the expected success rate of removal before we treat the stain.

We currently offer several methods of carpet cleaning from traditional Hot Water Extraction methods through the latest Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning methods.

 Pro Restore specialise in…….

Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning (commonly known as steam cleaning)

Hot Water Extraction carpet cleaning is a system that sprays heated water or solution into the carpet via a handheld wand or motorised machine and simultaneously vacuum extracts the solution and emulsified soiling. It is an excellent method of removing large volume of soiling or spilt liquid and the only way to carry out a full restoration carpet clean.

Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

Low Moisture carpet cleaning systems such as Encapsulation or Rotary Absorbent Pad Carpet Cleaning are very effective as fast drying regular maintenance systems and it is possible to achieve some spectacular results with recent developments in Encapsulation technology.

Encapsulation carpet cleaning involves applying an Encapsulating carpet detergent to the carpet after vacuuming, and agitating the carpet with either a brush or pad/bonnet buffer. The solution emulsifies the remaining soiling mass in the carpet and as it drys it crystallises and encapsulates the suspended soiling in a very fine powder, its invisible to the naked eye and is removed with the next scheduled vacuum clean. Encapsulation is excellent when a very fast drying time is required.

Cylindrical Brush Extraction Carpet Cleaning

Cylindrical Brush Extraction Cleaning is a type of Hot Water Extraction cleaning that uses two opposing brushes that rotate and agitate the surface of the carpet while the machine is spraying and vacuum extracting the soiled solution. It is very effective on heavy soiling and also useful to lift the pile of the carpet if it has suffered “pile crush” from foot traffic.

Flotex Carpet Cleaning

Flotex Carpet Cleaning to meet manufacturer recommended maintenance schedules and warranty stipulation requires that all Flotex carpet is cleaned with only two products “Flotex Clean-It and Flotex Fix-It”, the machinery used should have a rotary or cylindrical brush and a Hot Water Extraction system.

Flotex is an excellent resilient carpet system, but to perform well and stay clean and hygienic it must be regularly and appropriately maintained with the “Clean-It” solution.

Alternative cleaning methods and products usually lead to rapid and unsightly resoiling and will then require the “Fix-It“ product to flush the deposited residue from the carpet.

We will recommend the most appropriate method and product for the situation, be it a full restoration clean, a quick freshen up or a high traffic area maintenance clean.


It is often a great preventative measure to apply a staingard product to your carpet from new or after cleaning.

These products are designed to give you extra time to remove and spots or spill events that inevitably happen to al carpets.

ProRestore can apply a Staingard product to your carpet from new as soon as it is laid, or immediately after cleaning is understood as the best method as the remaining moisture in the carpet helps the Staingard product to migrate through all the fibres more easily than dry carpet allows.

Drying Time

Drying time has always been an issue when it comes to carpet cleaning, especially in a city with regular high humidity.

Pro Restore provide the quickest drying times possible, by selective and informed use of specific cleaning systems, fast drying solutions or the installation of air drying equipment.

We will also advise you on how best to air the property or use the air conditioning system to accelerate drying.

Carpet Repairs

If there are any damaged areas of carpet our Master Technician may be able to repair the damage for you.

3M Entrance Matting

3M Entrance Matting can greatly reduce the volume of soiling tracked into a carpet. Ask about our 3M entrance matting supply and maintenance service

Pet Odour Removal

Pro Restore also offer a very effective Pet Odour Removal service using eco friendly, non toxic and biodegradable New Zealand made products. In most cases it is possible to totally neutralise the odour with 100% efficacy.

Pro Restore are specialists in Cat and Dog Urine Odour Removal

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Although the nature of this interaction stemmed from an unfortunate incident, the Pro Restoration crew made family feel that they were devoted to not only restoring our home in a timely manner, but also to reassuring us that no quality would be sacrificed during the project. Their professionalism, customer service and pride in craftsmanship gave us peace of mind throughout the restoration process. I commend Pro Restoration, for adhering to a supreme standard of excellence.

We are thoroughly pleased their service and the final outcome. We are thrilled to be home again!

– Peter Macintosh