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ProRestore provide Commercial and Domestic Pest Control Services in Auckland.

“To fully eradicate a pest infestation takes consistency and patience, prevention takes foresight”

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Pro Restore can help you eradicate Pest infestations in your home or your business.

Cockroach_removal-auckland-pest-controlWe specialise in office space pest control, and recommend a simultaneous pest control program to run alongside any carpet, upholstery and hard floor maintenance schedule. This ensure the maximum efficiency of product use and continual protection from infestation.

Carpet Cleaning removes the Pest Control products applied to carpet, so the ideal time to apply the product is straight after Carpet Cleaning, or at a scheduled interval so as not to crossover any maintenance cleaning. A few common pests include the Cockroach, Spiders, Ants and Rodents. All of which can potentially cause harm to humans or their buildings.

Cockroaches require three things for survival, Food, Water, Shelter, so if they infest your property, these are the things they are looking for. High standards of hygiene in the home and workplace go a long way to preventing an infestation occurring. However some occasions when an external Pest Control Specialist is required to eradicate and prevent further infestation.

Pro Restore offer an excellent Cockroach pest control plan.

White_tailed_spider-remocal-aucklandOne of the most common complaints in New Zealand is of White Tail Spiders.

White tails are roaming spiders, they don’t make webs and prey on other web spinners and insects, they are very common around window frames and building exteriors, but due to their transient nature they are regularly seen inside properties as well.

ProRestore has an excellent Spider control and treatment program.


Another common complaint is that of vermin such as Rodents

rat-removal-aucklandRats and Mice can cause a huge amount of damage to a property. They have to continually chew to ensure their teeth don’t over grow, so chewing for them is not just eating, it is part of survival. They love to chew hard and soft plastics, such as electrical wiring and plastic water piping. We have to deal with a lot of unfortunate clients that suffer not only a Pest Infestation but a Water Damage incident due to rats chewing through and rupturing internal water piping, and their is of course the hygiene issues associated with rodent excretions.

ProRestore offer a very effective rodent control procedure using what is regarded as the best products in the industry.

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Although the nature of this interaction stemmed from an unfortunate incident, the Pro Restoration crew made family feel that they were devoted to not only restoring our home in a timely manner, but also to reassuring us that no quality would be sacrificed during the project. Their professionalism, customer service and pride in craftsmanship gave us peace of mind throughout the restoration process. I commend Pro Restoration, for adhering to a supreme standard of excellence.

We are thoroughly pleased their service and the final outcome. We are thrilled to be home again!

– Peter Macintosh